my cute lil' sis told me about this.
such a perfect idea.
we went to watch the BIG GAME with some friends.
they told us to wear our UTE colors proudly.
abby refused.
she was brainwashed by a friend that BYU rules.
we all know the truth after that game.
said "friend" texted this morning telling abby to keep the faith...haha!


B had his first soccer practice + game today.
He was very excited to play + run super fast!
So proud of this little guy.

the door helper…

I was at Abby's school today volunteering in her class for a special project.
It just so happened that Abby was the door helper for the day.
I was tickled watching her proudly hold each + every door for her classmates.
She was so happy to help + made sure everyone gave her a big five as they passed.
It melted my heart to watch her.
I love that little first grader of mine!

{great hike}

good friends + perfect weather + cute kids + fun trail = a great hike

i’m kinda sad…

our carefree days like this are winding down.

My kids are crazy excited about their new chore charts.
They love checking the boxes when they've completed a task.
And even help each other...and happily. Shocking.
Makes me one happy momma!
I changed mine up a bit in PS, but you can download FREE charts here.

seriously obsessed!

I cannot stop looking at Pinterest!
A cute friend emailed me about it and now I have a problem.
I have others things I need to do...but can't look away.
Go ahead check it out, but remember I warned you...it's addicting!


the BAD cars…

Boston has been into his bad cars lately.
He has them fight + race + crash.
He told me today that his bad cars don't follow Jesus.