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I watched our cute neighbor girls this morning. Abby was so excited to have them come play. They brought their Barbies and they all had such a good time playing with them. We walked them over to their piano lessons and on the way back Abby found some Rolly-Polly bugs (aka potato bugs). Abby wanted to make them a home – …so we did. Abby has played with this jar all morning. Until out of the kindness of her heart, she let them go live happily ever after in our flowerpots!

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a GREAT movie!

Hairspray (2007)

Saw a great movie this weekend. My sister Hailey and I went and saw Hairspray…it was the cutest movie ever! My checks hurt after the movie because I smiled and laughed the whole time. It was so entertaining…truly a must see. The cast was amazing…especially John Travolta!  After the movie the audience clapped and cheered – haven’t been to a movie that good in a long time. I think it’s my new favorite 🙂
My brother Tyler and his family were in town from Las Vegas for the weekend. They came for my sister Cecilie’s baby blessing. She just had her 4th…a sweet little boy they name Payton (isn’t that a cute name). Our whole family got together for a BBQ Saturday night too – which was a lot of fun! There were lots of little cousins (13 to be exact) running around…they totally outnumbered the adults. The kids (and Dads) had a great time playing the new Nintendo Wii. Loved having everyone there!
We did have a scary incident happen on Friday. My brother Aaron was in a pretty bad car accident. He thankfully is ok…but the lady he hit has been in critical condition. Aaron has been a mess about this all…he feels so bad and helpless. It really has made us realize how easily an accident can happen…you only have to be distracted for a split second. So, drive safely!!!
Hope you all have a happy Monday!

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One of Those Days

dsc05242-edited.jpg   dsc05239.jpg  dsc05248.jpg

Had one of those great days were you have a huge list of things to get done…and…I’ve just about got everything checked off. Feels so good to do laundry and cook a real dinner! As we sat and ate dinner tonight a thunder storm rolled in. It was so fun to sit and watch the storm outside as we sat at the table. Abby loved hearing the thunder! Summer has a way of just throwing me off schedule.  When I need to do housework…I think…oh, it’s so warm out…let’s go to the pool! So it was nice to have a bit of an overcast day, so I could actually get some things done.

 We hung our first pictures up in our basement…finally! Andy has been so cautious about putting nails in the walls. I don’t blame him he has put so much work into finishing our basement, that it does seem a little cruel to be poking holes in the walls. We also put up some vinyl lettering that looks really cute. So pleased to be making the basement feel cozy and inviting. We also had a LOVE SAC in perfect condition given to us that Andy and Abby totally enjoy! Abby finds it to be the ideal landing spot for when she jumps off the couch…Andy loves to snuggle up in it and throw Abby in it…and I personally think it’s monsterously huge and know someone’s goting to hurt themselves playing on it (but secretly think it’s the most heavenly place to take a nap).

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We have some wonderful friends (our next door neighbors) that invited us to go boating today! Abby was so excited to go on Captain Don’s boat and wear a life jacket.  Abby loved riding the tube…being with her 2 best friends…eating cheetos…and going fast!

We had a great day…and hope you all did too:)


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Swimming & Soccer


We had a fun Saturday! We decided to forgo chores around the house and just go play. We went to the Roy Aquatic Center, which was worth the drive! Abby loved the twirly slide, chasing the “cute little birdies” (aka seagulls), jumping in the water, eating her PB&J and practicing her back float. After the pool we all came home and took naps. Then we were off to the ReAL soccer game. Abby was really excited to see the LION mascot…she even got to give him a high five! She made sure to keep her eye on him throughout the whole game. Andy and I thought we were going to see the entire game…but with 10 minutes to go Abby said, “No fireworks, No soccer game…Abby wants to go to sleep”!

So with that we left and ended our Saturday:)



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New Fav Song…


Such a chill, fun, summer song…hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Have a wonderful weekend:)

We are off to the pool and then going to the ReAL soccer game tonight…followed by fireworks!!!

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Abby went and played at Cooper’s house yesterday while I went to a Young Women’s board meeting at Paradise Bakery (yumee!).  She had a great time (thanks Kara)! Afterwards we had Cooper come play at our house for awhile. Those 2 had a great time…they played really good together. Cooper made tea and cookies for Abby…it was really cute!

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Riley (2), Abby (2.5)and Ashlynn (2.5) all missed going to Cousin Camp this year, because they aren’t potty trained yet! So, Grandma feeling a little guilty, decided to have a “Jr.” Cousin Day Camp.  Abby was so excited to be able to spend the day with some of her favorite friends and Grandma. When we pulled up Grandma had a bubble machine going, balloons and a cute (misspelled) sign to welcome the girls. I hope they have a fun, fun day! I on the other hand, don’t know what to do with all this valuable time!?!?! I did get to go on a lunch date with Andy, which was fun…thanks sweetie!

Thanks Mom for being such a cute Grandma…love ya:)


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All packed up and ready to head up to the mountains! Been pretty busy getting things ready to leave…groceries, laundry, cleaning, schedules, babysitters, packing, catching up on work projects…ahhh!!! Andy will be taking time off to be with Abby, our cute neighbors and both Grandmas will also be helping out while I’m gone. Abby is so excited to go to the neighbors. All week she’s been saying “I want to go to Jordan’s house…oh yeah on Thursday!” So cute! I will miss everyone while I’m gone. That’s the hardest part for me…feeling like I’m missing out on things at home. Well, that…and all the news about BEAR activity!!!

Be back soon:)

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Sunday Mornings…


Abby and I get to spend our Sunday mornings together while Dad is at Bishopric Meetings. I love these mornings becuase we are in no hurry to be anywhere (since our church doesn’t start until 2:00!),  we are just lazy and play. This morning Abby wanted to go downstairs to  play. Our basement stays pretty cool…so we had to bundle up.  This is what Abby wanted to wear…pretty cute huh!?!?! Good thing I didn’t take a picture of myself…my outfit is not much better!!! Dad just finished putting the final touches on her new IKEA table…she loves it!

Happy Sunday Morning to you:)

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