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High School Musical!


Ok…I know I’m a little slow…but I just finished watching both High School Musical movies…and I’m totally a fan! Keeping in mind they are just made for TV Disney movies…I thought they were really good! I liked the 2nd one the best, but love certain parts from both. I’ve had the songs in my head all day and finally decided I had to go buy a few from iTunes. Abby has seen parts of #2 and is totally mesmerized by the dancing and singing…and to tell you the truth, Andy even watched some of it with me (hahaha…he’ll die when he sees this)!

Also, made a trip to Tai Pan with my sisters and all our kids today. There are 7 kids all together…was a bit crazy, but of course worth it! I love that store… I think it’s one of my favorites.

Happy Side Note: Abby used her first public bathroom at Tai Pan today…luckily they have really, really clean, nice smelling bathrooms 🙂

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 I know this subject will gross some of you out…but if you are a mom you will understand my pure joy and excitement over this matter! Abby has been doing great with potty training…she has kept her underwear dry for two days now…so happy! I think once I decided I was really ready to do this, it made a huge difference (along with daily pep talks from my sisters).  Before I would try for a day or two and think it was too hard and stop. So, on Tuesday I decide no more pull-ups. It was scary and felt like I was training a puppy…but it worked (however, we are still working on the #2 thing…she still is having accidents). Abby is so proud of herself and loves picking out what underwear to wear each day! Consistency, positive reinforcement and…plain old bribing really pays off 🙂

p.s. Sorry, for the blurry picture again…my photo skills are lacking!

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So glad it is Friday! This morning Abby and I went to get haircuts (sorry for the blurry picture). I usually go to a salon, but could not get in for 2 months and was dying to have my hair done. So, we went to this cute girl (Jamie) in our ward that just does hair out of her home. Abby hadn’t had a real haircut since she was 18 months…so she really needed it! Jamie trimmed her length and added layers…which she needs with her curls. Her hair looks too cute…it’s amazing what a little trim will do!

Today has been one of those feel good, happy days! We got haircuts, Abby has been doing wonderful with the potty training thing, the door bell rang with a UPS delivery from Old Navy (smiles), made a visit to DQ for baby ice cream cones and stopped by the park to relax under the shade of a tree.

Love days like this 🙂


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playing with friends


I watch our cute neighbor girl, Dasha twice a month. Abby always gets so excited when she comes. The two of them play together so well…and carry on the cutest little conversations! Found the cutest must have shoes for Abby today…

Well, I’m off to go teach a card class at a local scrapbook store tonight (these are the cards we’re making)…should be fun!


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enjoying summer


We’ve been trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before the neighbor kids go back to school and the pools close! 

Between that, and the list of things on my To Do List, things have felt a bit busy around here to say the least!

While running errands yesterday I stopped by my sister Hailey’s house to pick up some things and ended up staying 3 1/2 hours!!! We hadn’t seen each other for a couple weeks (we’ve both been doing the potty training thing) and had a lot of catching up to do…I think we talked the whole 3 1/2 hours.  There’s nothing better than putting your To Do List aside and spending an afternoon with your sister…love you Hailey:)


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One of the things on Andy’s to do list this week was to have his sisters over and show them how to make his famous Spaghetti & Meatballs. So, Chelli and Lindsey came over for lunch and had a cooking class. Andy had gathered all the ingredients and was so excited to make this with his sisters. Abby and I were excited because we got to eat it for lunch! We had a wonderful time…and sweet Baby James was perfect the whole time:)

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We went to the Dinosaur Park yesterday! Abby loved all the dinousaurs, especially the robotic ones that scared most the other kids. Abby would go up and say hi and growl at them. She also was just happy to be pushing the stroller around! We had a fun time:)

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a New Pink Bicycle!


So, here it is…Abby’s new big girl bike! We went looking for bikes at WalMart, Shopko and Target…but none were up to snuff in Andy’s opinion. So we found this one at a local bike shop and got a really good deal on it. It took Abby a bit practicing, but she had it down in no time! She only asked for her old bike once and really started to like the new bike when she realized it had a bell. We went to some friends house for dinner last night. At the dinner table Abby just kept talking about her “pink bicycle” and asking if they wanted to see it. It was funny! Then first thing this morning Andy and her went running to the garage to  say hi to the “pink bicycle.” Andy could not be more proud of his little girl…I don’t know who is more excited about the bike Andy or Abby!

Happy Monday to you!

p.s. Andy is off all week…so we are just going to relax, be together as a fam and play (and maybe get a few projects around the house done)!

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Bicycles & Balloons!

dsc05347.jpg    dsc05354.jpg

Our Primary had a darling activity this morning! They had a Bike Parade for all the Primary aged kids (Abby’s not 3 yet so she technically wasn’t invited).  All the kids decorated their bikes with streamers and balloons. We thought it would be fun to just watch, Abby thought otherwise. As soon as the parade past our house Abby jumped on her bike, tucked her head down and pedaled like crazy. Andy and I looked at each other and laughed! Andy ran after her and the ended up being in the parade. Abby pedaled the whole time and pedaled fast! Everybody was shocked with how well she can ride her bike. Andy said she was pedaling so fast the front wheel would slip. We may be off to Wal-Mart to get her a big bike today…she’s definately ready! Abby was so proud of herself and thrilled with the balloons of course:)

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Coloring & Cookies



I have been feeling a little under the weather the last couple of days…so Abby has been doing a lot of coloring! I am feeling a lot better today, but still do feel a little off. I did manage to go visiting teaching this morning, take Abby to a backyard playgroup (they ended up swimming in a hot tub most the time), pick-up a baby shower gift and go buy Abby some more coloring books. When I got home one of my sweet little sumbeams I used to teach dropped me off some cookies and a cute picture he drew. He said “I made this for you because I want you to remember me.” How sweet is that?!?! He totally made my day:) Andy and I are going on a much needed date tonight…we are going to dinner and then a movie. I’m really excited. My sister Hailey is watching Abby for us and of course Abby is totally thrilled to play with her cousin Riley.

TGIF to you all!!!

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