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a halloween party

dsc_05901.jpg dsc_0607_edited1.jpg

Here are a couple pics  from over the weekend. We had a fun little Halloween party with Andy’s side of the family!  Abby loved wearing her costume, opening more present (we celebrated all the October b-days), and decorating sugar cookies. We had a wonderful time 🙂

Today, Abby had her 3 year old check-up. She was so excited to go to the doctor! I had talked to her a lot about what would happen. She was loving it…getting weighed, checking her height, taking an eye test, having the doctor listen to her heart, etc.  She was doing great…until she had to get 2 shots (flu and hep A). I felt so bad…she kept saying “What was that? She hurt me! That was not nice!” She got both shots in the same leg and limped out of the office whimpering. It was so, so sad. When we got to the car, I was putting her in her carseat, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Mommy, next time I go to the doctor I will be happy!” What a sweet girl…I love her to pieces!

Hope you all have a good week and Happy Halloween!

Andrew said he would watch  Dancing With The Stars with me tonight – that’s a rare event so I better go!

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I’ve been busy doing lots of loads of laundry!

Doing this kind of laundry makes me happy…look how cute 🙂


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being thankful

Wow…I feel like I haven’t posted forever! I have such much to report. I feel like my heart is so full today…I feel extremely blessed in so many ways!

First, my sweet little Abby had her 3rd birthday party today with her cute little friends (she official turns 3 tomorrow). It was so fun to see her understand the whole birthday thing. She was so excited about her ghost cupcakes and to blow out her candles.I just cannot believe it’s been three years since she was born! It all goes by way to fast. I feel so blessed that I am able to be her mother. She brings me more joy than I knew was possible! Not, a day goes by that I do not feel eternally grateful for her. Abby is  an amazing little girl! All those around her can feel how special she is too – all the neighbor kids simply adore her…she’s the most popular kid on the block…even at 3! I am so proud of her and what a sweet, beautiful girl she is becoming.

Second, our amazing birthmother invited us to her ultrasound appointment today! Ummm…how cool is that!?!? It was our first time to see an ultrasound done…it was so fun! I cannot express in words how wonderful our birthmother is! Each time we are around her – Andrew and I feel more, and more  “in aaahhh” with her! She is beautiful on the inside and out. She has the cutest personality and we just love her to pieces! We feel so blessed that the Lord guided us to each other.

 friends1.jpg  cupcakes1.jpg  candles.jpg  present.jpg  favors.jpg 

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our weekend review

Ok…what a weekend…where to even start!

riley.jpg abby.jpg

cake.jpg bday-invites.jpg

Friday:  I watched my two cute nieces Riley (2) and Hadley (8mo.) on Friday. They spent the night which was fun (except for poor Haddy you could tell really missed her mommy). So, Friday afternoon Hadley was sleeping and Abby and Riley wanted to ride bikes. They both love to ride bikes…hmmm…wonder where they get that from? Well, Riley had a major bike wreck!!! I mean blood…and screaming…it was awful. I was so scared she was going to have to get stitches. Thankfully, I have some wonderful neighbors I called and they hurried over to help me! Turns out Riley cut the under part of her lip pretty bad…but no stitches were needed…only a band-aid! So cute how band-aid can fix any pain when your little!

Saturday:  We were on the hunt for a new crib. Abby’s crib was a hand-me-down from some friends and it was time to be retired. You think finding a crib would be pretty easy…well not for us! It took us all day…seriously from 10:00 till about 5:30! Luckily, Abby was a trooper and loved looking at all the baby stuff.

Sunday:  Andy had his morning bishopric meetings and I watched Hadley for my mom while she took Riley to nursery. It was so fun to go to church! The news had spread like wild fire that we are getting a baby. It’s so nice to have people be so excited and happy for you. I was in charge of teaching the combined YW lesson…normally a super stressful thing but, thankfully I had planned ahead and got a guest speaker to come! It was perfect. Abby was wonderful in sacrament…she seems to be kind of understanding the whole reverent thing. After dinner Andy made a simply delicious peppermint chocolate cake…it was wicked good! Sometimes I think Andy’s family can smell if Andy’s made a cake…Mark, Dellena, Lindsey and Tyler all came over! It was fun to talk and just hang out. After I made Abby’s birthday party invites. We decided to simplify this year and just do a little party with Abby’s friends from her playgroup. I had planned to make the invites Saturday, but had ran out of time with all the crib shopping. So I whipped these invites up in 30 minutes…pretty fast! I love doing digital things – they always seem to come together so fast…I love how they turned out!

Well, I just wanted to post because I know my week is going to be crazy! I better get to bed – it’s late 🙂

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meeting our birthmother!


So, we met with our sweet birthmother last night…and it was simply amazing! Isn’t she the cutest little pregnant thing you’ve ever seen?!?! She is the most incredible girl! As we were driving home I told Andrew “I want to be like her when I grow up!” Words cannot express how wonderful it was to meet with her, laugh with her, cry with her and feel of her spirit. We are eternally grateful for her and her family. She gave the sweetest gift to a father expecting a boy…a ball cap, a little hoodie and a baseball…it brought tears to Andrew’s eyes. I could go on and on…it was just the best night ever!


My visiting teachers came this morning and gave Abby a Dora book about being a big sister. I think we’ve read it about a dozen times today so far…she loves it! With all the excitement fluttering around our home I think Abby has felt a little left out. So, today I wanted to just spend my time with her and focus on her. We decided to go to lunch…Abby wanted “a hamburger with cheese on in it and apples and a sprite!” Then we ventured off to the pumpkin patch…Abby loved it! She thought the pumpkins were all “so cute and little” or “huge and gross!” We had a wonderful time 🙂

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a baby boy


we got a call and exactly 11:48 am on Monday morning…it was our adoption case worker! she simply said she wanted to meet with us that evening at 6:30 at the agency!  having been thru the adoption process before we knew what was up…we knew we must have been chosen by a birthmother…we were in shock (happy shock of course)! when we got to the agency our worker guided us into a room and left us with this darling diaper bag filled with BLUE, BROWN and GREEN things from the birthmother. andy and I looked at each other and giggled “it’s a boy!” we couldn’t believe it…and I think we still can’t believe it’s real.  our birthmother also made an amazing photo book for us…it’s darling! she included baby pictures of herself, family pictures, ultrasound pics, her testimony and also the story of how she came to know we were the family for her baby…it’s priceless! we get to meet her and her parents tonight…we are extremely excited! my sweet mom watched Abby all day (seriously it took us like 8 hours) yesterday while my sister Hailey and I ran all over gathering gifts for tonight. hailey was so nice to help…especially since she was leaving early this morning for mexico and hadn’t packed, done laundry or cleaned her house when we finished late last night. the gifts turned out perfectly though…i will post pictures later so you can see. i am so thankful for all the love and support we have been given by our family and friends. we will keep you all posted on all the happenings….oh…and I almost forgot he is due November 16th!

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