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meeting our birthmother!


So, we met with our sweet birthmother last night…and it was simply amazing! Isn’t she the cutest little pregnant thing you’ve ever seen?!?! She is the most incredible girl! As we were driving home I told Andrew “I want to be like her when I grow up!” Words cannot express how wonderful it was to meet with her, laugh with her, cry with her and feel of her spirit. We are eternally grateful for her and her family. She gave the sweetest gift to a father expecting a boy…a ball cap, a little hoodie and a baseball…it brought tears to Andrew’s eyes. I could go on and on…it was just the best night ever!


My visiting teachers came this morning and gave Abby a Dora book about being a big sister. I think we’ve read it about a dozen times today so far…she loves it! With all the excitement fluttering around our home I think Abby has felt a little left out. So, today I wanted to just spend my time with her and focus on her. We decided to go to lunch…Abby wanted “a hamburger with cheese on in it and apples and a sprite!” Then we ventured off to the pumpkin patch…Abby loved it! She thought the pumpkins were all “so cute and little” or “huge and gross!” We had a wonderful time 🙂

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