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our weekend review

Ok…what a weekend…where to even start!

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Friday:  I watched my two cute nieces Riley (2) and Hadley (8mo.) on Friday. They spent the night which was fun (except for poor Haddy you could tell really missed her mommy). So, Friday afternoon Hadley was sleeping and Abby and Riley wanted to ride bikes. They both love to ride bikes…hmmm…wonder where they get that from? Well, Riley had a major bike wreck!!! I mean blood…and screaming…it was awful. I was so scared she was going to have to get stitches. Thankfully, I have some wonderful neighbors I called and they hurried over to help me! Turns out Riley cut the under part of her lip pretty bad…but no stitches were needed…only a band-aid! So cute how band-aid can fix any pain when your little!

Saturday:  We were on the hunt for a new crib. Abby’s crib was a hand-me-down from some friends and it was time to be retired. You think finding a crib would be pretty easy…well not for us! It took us all day…seriously from 10:00 till about 5:30! Luckily, Abby was a trooper and loved looking at all the baby stuff.

Sunday:  Andy had his morning bishopric meetings and I watched Hadley for my mom while she took Riley to nursery. It was so fun to go to church! The news had spread like wild fire that we are getting a baby. It’s so nice to have people be so excited and happy for you. I was in charge of teaching the combined YW lesson…normally a super stressful thing but, thankfully I had planned ahead and got a guest speaker to come! It was perfect. Abby was wonderful in sacrament…she seems to be kind of understanding the whole reverent thing. After dinner Andy made a simply delicious peppermint chocolate cake…it was wicked good! Sometimes I think Andy’s family can smell if Andy’s made a cake…Mark, Dellena, Lindsey and Tyler all came over! It was fun to talk and just hang out. After I made Abby’s birthday party invites. We decided to simplify this year and just do a little party with Abby’s friends from her playgroup. I had planned to make the invites Saturday, but had ran out of time with all the crib shopping. So I whipped these invites up in 30 minutes…pretty fast! I love doing digital things – they always seem to come together so fast…I love how they turned out!

Well, I just wanted to post because I know my week is going to be crazy! I better get to bed – it’s late 🙂

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