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being thankful

Wow…I feel like I haven’t posted forever! I have such much to report. I feel like my heart is so full today…I feel extremely blessed in so many ways!

First, my sweet little Abby had her 3rd birthday party today with her cute little friends (she official turns 3 tomorrow). It was so fun to see her understand the whole birthday thing. She was so excited about her ghost cupcakes and to blow out her candles.I just cannot believe it’s been three years since she was born! It all goes by way to fast. I feel so blessed that I am able to be her mother. She brings me more joy than I knew was possible! Not, a day goes by that I do not feel eternally grateful for her. Abby is  an amazing little girl! All those around her can feel how special she is too – all the neighbor kids simply adore her…she’s the most popular kid on the block…even at 3! I am so proud of her and what a sweet, beautiful girl she is becoming.

Second, our amazing birthmother invited us to her ultrasound appointment today! Ummm…how cool is that!?!? It was our first time to see an ultrasound done…it was so fun! I cannot express in words how wonderful our birthmother is! Each time we are around her – Andrew and I feel more, and more  “in aaahhh” with her! She is beautiful on the inside and out. She has the cutest personality and we just love her to pieces! We feel so blessed that the Lord guided us to each other.

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