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feeling so thankful!


Feeling so overwhelmingly thankful for my little guy Boston, my sweet Abby and dear husband Andrew! I never dreamed I would have such an amazing little family…I am so blessed! I love this time of year where you can slow down a little,  take the time to really appreciate what you are thankful for and remember where those blessings have come from.

We have one little Thanksgiving tradition that I love and wanted to share with you all. We started this a few years back, right after Abby was born. I made a simple little family thankful book that we add to every year. We take a family picture and then write down all the things that we are thankful for, for that year. It’s just that simple! It’s so fun to look back at and I can’t wait to fill it up with many more thankful family memories.

thankful-book.jpg  thanks-06.jpg

 Wishing you all a very happy and yummy Thanksgiving 🙂

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I love this picture! Boston looks so cozy and sweet. This was the first time I napped him in his crib…he looked so little and small in his big crib. Notice his bedding!!! My very talented mom made this for Boston. I’m always on the look out for cute bedding, but never can find what I want. So my mom and I went together and picked out the fabric (it’s all browns and greens) and she made this amazing bedding set. She even made a bedskirt, quilt and pillow to sit on my rocking chair that all match! It turned out better than I thought…I LOVE IT! Everyone that sees it dies over it and ask me where I got it. My sisters and I have been trying to convince my mom she should sell baby bedding….she’d make millions don’t ya’ think!?!?

Boston is doing so well! Last night he went 5 hours between feedings. He is such a good baby! I thought Abby was good, but Boston has caught right onto a schedule and is doing amazing. Boston cries when we change his diaper and does this little squeek sound when he wants to eat…so cute! We are just so thrilled to have him in our family. Abby loves to give him kisses and his binky, and talks to him in the sweetest little voice. She gets upset when we change him (becuase he cries) and says, “he is making me feel sad!”

All in all, things are going great…we feel so blessed! It’s amazing feeling to know this sweet little spirit that we have wanted for so long, is finally here safe and sound. The Lord truly knows us…and has blessed us with His tender mercies. We are indeed grateful!

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sweet little Boston…



Our sweet litte boy is home! We were thrilled to bring him home late Monday night. He is such a joy! Sorry, it has taken us so long to post…we’ve been too busy snuggling our little guy 🙂

Abby absolutely loves “her baby” and has adapted so well to being a big sister.

We had a busy day…Abby had dance, then we took Boston to his first check-up and then to get his biliribun checked. His pediatrician thought he was so sweet and little. And little he is…he measures in the 10 percentile for his length, weight and head circumference. He’s just bitty! He’s been doing great sleeping, eating and keeping us busy with diapers! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Boston join our family…he’s the perfect addition! We feel so thankful for all the excitement and support we have been shown by our family and friends. Between phone calls, gifts left on our porch, eager visitors, yummy dinners and even lunches…we have been showered with love. So, thank you to all of you that have made this such a fun time in our life. For more pictures click on the pictures to the right of this post.

Oh…and thank you Uncle Jason for all the darling pictures you took…we love them!



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Andrew Boston is here!


Our sweet birthmother invited us to come visit her and our little guy in the hospital! How nice is that!?!?! Boston was born early this morning…he weighed in at 5 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 inches long. What a surprise! We couldn’t be more excited about his arrival. He is just the sweetest thing ever. We feel so thankful for the love and support Cambria and her family have shown us. We were even able to meet Cambria’s brothers and sister-in-law….so much fun! We know the Lord directed us to each other…it feels like we’ve known them forever. We feel extremely blessed, grateful…and EXCITED!

p.s. There’s more pics to the right 🙂

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9 years!


Today is our 9th Wedding Annivesary! I cannot believe it’s been nine whole years…time goes by way too fast. That crisp fall morning just doesn’t seem to have been than long ago. How blessed I feel to have found Andy. I never dreamed I would have a hubby as wonderful as he is. He brings so much joy to my life. I cannot believe the way our little family is turning out…what a blessing an eternal family is!

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watching Annie!


Ok…this brings back so many memories! I loved watching Annie when I was little as I’m sure many of you did. While up at my mom’s the other day she let me borrow her movie thinking Abby would like it. Well, Abby is in love with this movie! We have watched it several times together over the past week. It’s so fun to enjoy something we both love together. Abby loves all the music and dancing and of course is singing all the songs around the house!

So cute 🙂

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a splendid halloween!

We had a fun halloween! Abby understood the whole “trick or treat” concept, which was super fun. She ran from door to door being very careful to take just one piece of candy and yelling “come on daddy!” Andy could barely keep up with her. What a fun night!


*Baby Update:  Our sweet birthmother has a doctor appointment on Monday and they will schedule a time to induce her that week! We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful birthmother…she’s the BEST…she has kept us updated on everything! We are just too excited!  So by the end of next week our little boy should be here. We can’t wait to introduce you all to him 🙂

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