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very merry christmas!


We had a wonderful Christmas! How grateful we feel to have little Boston with us. I was so excited to get my kiddos matching pj’s…and then I never got a picture with them together…go figure!?!?! Abby was so excited for Christmas. This was the first year she understood everything…which made it super fun! She’s really been into telling stories lately.  So when she would start to open a present she would say, “Wait, stop! I need to tell you a story first!” We had to tell her we would have to tell stories later so we could finish opening presents (we would have been there all day). It was wonderful to spend time with family and the ones we love. Hope you all had a very merry christmas also!

p.s. I’ve added more pics to the right:)

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{Our Christmas Card}


I love getting the mail this time of year! It’s always fun to get Christmas cards from family and friends. I Thought I would share our Christmas card from this year! I love making Christmas cards and was really happy with how it turned out. However, I was a bit of slacker this year and didn’t write a family newsletter. I will do better next year! Hope you like our card:) Have a wonderfully warm and cozy weekend.

p.s. Abby has her first ever dance recital on Saturday…I am so excited/nervous. She’ll be doing a little ballet and tap dance with her class. I’ll be sure to post pictures!

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Baby Wise & Burpies…

I love, love, love this book! My wonderful sis-in-law, Janeen let me borrow her book right before Abby was born.  I quickly found this to be the most helpful books ever and had to have my own (and have the whole series now too). Next to my scriptures it is the book I read the most! It teaches you how important sleep is for your children and how to get them on a schedule focusing on sleep/feed/and awake times. It worked great with Abby, she was sleeping 8 hours at 5 weeks old! When we found out we were getting Boston I of course pulled this out and began studying it again. They say boys take a little longer to sleep thru the night…so we’ll see how Boston does. Boston is doing pretty good with his nights right now…he goes 4 hours in between feedings (so we only have to get up twice – yep that’s right Andy takes one feeding and I take the other – I know I have a great husband). So, anyone out there expecting a baby I totally recomend this book!


Also, had to share – I made these cute burb cloths today! Boston’s cute birthmother’s friend sent us some cute burb cloths that had a flannel piece sewn down the center. I died over them and decided I needed to have CUTE burpies. Boston is really a spitty baby and is being treated for Reflux – we go thru burpies like crazy! So, I ventured out to the fabric store today…this was my first outing taking both kids (I was a little scared, but they did just fine). I went up to my mom’s for sewing help (thanks mom – you’re the BEST). She helped me cut out the fabic, showed me how to sew one and then I was off on my own. I made 12 total! I was so proud of myself…the last thing I can remember sewing were some “scrunchies” when I was a Beehive! So this was a big accomplishment for me and now I have the sewing bug. All day I keep thinking what else can I sew?!?!?!

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my sweeties…


Just had to share a couple new pics of my little ones. These pictures make me all warm and happy inside. I love them!

p.s. There are a few more pics over there too ————————>

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the Forgotten Carols…


Andy and I went to the Michael McLean’s ‘The Forgotten Carols” last night! We had a wonderful time – it totally got us in the Christmas Spirit…love that feeling!  I am feeling so blessed to have my sweet little family at this time of year. I finished our family Christmas cards too…I think it’s my favorite one ever (even though there a few little mistake on it that totally bug me – Andy told me to not worry about it and just let it go – so I will try) ! Christmas cards are one of my most favorite things to do…can’t wait to get them all mailed out so you can see it.  Well, I’ve got a lot of dishes (bottles), cleaning and laundry to catch up on…we’ve had 3 Christmas Parties this week so things have been crazy. I think I’ll blast some Christmas music and just enjoy it 🙂

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snow-1.jpg snow-2.jpg

boston.jpg abby.jpg

I think those are the 2 cutest faces I’ve ever seen 🙂

We woke up this morning to a Winter Wonderland! Abby was so excited about the snow and could not wait to play in it. We couldn’t find her snow gear fast enough. She was jumping and squeeling with excitement! Andy and her had to run to Target to get her some new snow pants…she loves them! While Andy shoveled the driveway Abby played and played in the snow. Boston and I stayed in where it was warm and watched them out the window. After we all warmed u with tomato soup. I think Andy would have stayed out ther all day if he could! He is super excited to have snow – so he can go snowboarding. It was the pefect snowy and cozy Saturday morning!

p.s. Boston is 3 weeks today! And you’ll never believe this – but he rolled over 3 times yesterday…really! We have a feeling he is going to be a busy body:)


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