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I was starting to loose my faith in my Baby Wise book. Boston has been sleeping 8 hours here and there over that last 2 weeks, which is good for a 11 week old baby – but still Abby was sleeping 10 to 12 hours at this age! And according to my book that is what Boston should be doing too. Granted they say boys seem to take longer to sleep thru the night…which is interesting – I wonder why!?!? But I am please to say he has slept 9 hours the last 3 nights and 10 hours last night…YAHOO! He woke up so happy this morning. So proud of this little guy! At times I was thinking maybe this just won’t work for him. I¬†wanted to give up and not keep up with it, but I’m soooo¬†glad I hung in there. My sister, Hailey kept telling me it will happen just be patient. I did it and it was well worth it…and now I’m reaping the reward…SLEEP!

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