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be back soon…

The weather has just been too nice to blog! We’ve been enjoying the outdoors…jumping, riding, running, going out to lunch, visiting with neighbors, blowing bubbles, etc. Hope your enjoying the sunshine also!

We’ll be back soon 🙂


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Guitar HERO!


gh-1.jpg   gh-2.jpg

We’ve been a little obsessed around here! We’ve had a lot of fun & laughs watching people ROCK OUT to Guitar Hero 🙂

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lunch at the capital…



My mom invited my sister Hailey and I and our kiddos to come eat lunch with her at work yesterday. My mom works at the Capital every year with a group of friends. Abby was super excited to eat lunch in the HUGE building. It was a bit wild taking kids into a masive marble building that echoes when you wisper! We opened lots of big doors, traveled up elevators and went thru an underground tunnel…Abby loved it! We were such a site…strollers, sippy cups, diaper bags, kids running, kids climbing, kids squeeling, kids having to go potty…ahhh! We had a wonderful time though…thanks mom 🙂

p.s. Wish I would have gotten more pics, but those girls wouldn’t hold still!

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and the WINNER is…


K A R A !

Congratulations Kara your winnings are on their way 🙂

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LOOK who’s HIT me!

I can’t believe it…my blog has had over 10,000 HITS! So, I figured I need to do something special to celebrate!  The 3rd person to send me a comment will win a Cd of fonts and a scrapbooking idea book by Rebecca Sower. dsc07214.jpg

Thank you for your HITS 🙂

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look how cute!


My cute sister-in-law, Janeen was given one of these from a friend for her new little guy Troy. Thought they were so cute and reasonably priced at $14.99. I think I will have to get my future missionary, Boston one too 🙂

You can buy them HERE! 

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{cutest baby contest}


I entered Boston into a cute baby contest at a baby store I really like and he was chosen for the February babies! All the babies are cute of course, but Boston for sure is the cutest! So please vote for Boston here…you have until mid-March to vote 🙂


Also, if any of you have tried to vote and cannot find his name on the ballot. Please try back again. They should have him back up today or tomorrow!

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{happy heart day}


Hope you all have a day full of love!


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97 day challenge…

Last week in Young Womens our youth and leaders were challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days to honor President Hinckley. Being he passed away when he was 97 years old. I am always up for a challenge! I love setting goals and reaching them…for me there is nothing much better than the feeling of accomplishment. So, join me if you want, it’s not too late to start! The 97 days will be up the day before Mother’s Day…May 10th.

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i {heart} dance…


Had to share this cute picture of Abby’s dance class. Aren’t they so sweet! Abby goes to dance class once a week and does ballet and tap…she loves it!

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