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Not sure what has gotten into me, but I am obsessed with aprons! I can’t stop thinking about them. Look how cute these are! The cute polka dot one is from JillieWillie and the other two are from Anthropologie.


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a hiking we will go!

Had a fun, relaxing weekend together! We went for a hike, bike rides, runs and walks…it felt so good to spend time outdoors. Here are a couple pics from our hike 🙂

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thank you!

thank you to all of you that made my birthday so great! from cards, notes, balloons, cookies, lunch, emails, comments, phone calls, tulips, gifts…it was all so thoughtful and sweet. i had a wonderful day all because of you, my amazing friends and family. And hey 30 isn’t so bad…the number is growing on me!

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where is SPRING?

it’s been way too cold to be spring.

44 degrees is just not warm enough.

bought these flowers at roberts today

hoping they would make my favorite

season a little cheerier.

(oh…and the flowers were all 40% off).


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Look who’s 5 months!


Love this little guy!

Here’s what he loves…

blowing raspberries, sleeping (12 hours at night), smiling lots, rolling, playing with abby, his phone rattle, baths, being tickled, putting his hands in his mouth, his mommy, going for walks in his carrier and stroller, being swaddled, his binky, laughing, bouncing in his bouncer and having his cheeks kissed 🙂

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We had a wonderful conference weekend! We were able to watch all four sessions. There’s nothing better than snuggling up at home with your family to watch conference. My favorite session was the Sunday afternoon…I loved Bednar’s talk on prayer, Ballard’s talk on mothers and of course Thomas S. Monson’s sweet remarks about his wife in his closing remarks. It felt so good to feel the spirit, listen to our leaders and witness the solemn assembly of our new prophet.  I loved not worrying about rushing to church, going to meetings, giving lessons, etc. Abby loved seeing our new prophet. When she saw him she said, “Mom…it’s Thomas S. Monsons…he’s not died, he’s not died! But Gordon B. Hinckley is died…and I miss him very much!” Isn’t that sweet! She also for some reason really liked Henry B. Eyring. Andy was lucky to have Abby do his hair…this has come a conference tradition for us. It keeps Abby quite for at least half a session…she sprays it, puts barretts in it  and bows…it’s really cute (I should have gotten a picture)! In between the two Sunday sessions went and feed the ducks. Boston loved being in his carrier…he kicked his legs and looked around the whole time. Abby was thrilled the ducks were hungry. We had a great time just being together!

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We finally got a Steve & Barry’s in Utah (I guess it opened in November, but I hadn’t gotten out there until today). I had been to one with my sister Hailey when we were in Chicago and had found some pretty cute stuff.  So, Hailey and I thought it would be fun to go, especially because they are having a great SALE right now. Everything in the store is $8.98…everything!!! The best part they carry Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line Bitten…which is super fun and cute. It was a wee bit crazy with all the kiddos…I lost Boston’s binky, it was nap time, I lost Abby for awhile (scary!), cherrios flying, pushing double strollers, screaming, lots of spitting up and the girls thought the small mirrors were slides….ahhh! Even with all that I think it was still worth it…I mean I got a jean jacket for $8.98 🙂

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