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happy, happy friday!

Well, we were supposed to go to Hogle Zoo today with our cousins, but with the rainy weather we decided to postpone our adventure. Being it was Friday, I was still in the mood to do something FUN with my kiddos! So, my sister Hailey and I tried out the new Kangaroo Zoo. We had a blast! It was so fun for those kids to bounce around and play. Abby was a little timid at first, but got into it pretty quick! I didn’t play on anything and just watched (Boston was asleep most of the time, so I had to hang with him)…but next time I’m totally bouncing! Such a fun place for kids and adults alike. When Boston woke up I think he was overstimulated by all the colors! He was so smiley and excited to watch the other kids. I love days like this…when the only thing on my plate is to make sure my kids have FUN…and they sure did! Made for a happy, happy Friday 🙂

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What an amazing week for our little family! Boston’s adoption was finalized, he was sealed to us and Andy was able to bless him. We really have not been able to stop smiling and talking about all the events. It really was the best week ever. Andy and I feel like so blessed to have Boston in our family. He brings us so much joy. Boston has a way of making everyone smile around him. He has the sweetest spirit about him. I sometimes cannot believe the Lord has given me these two little miracles thru adoption. The road to becoming parents for us hasn’t been the easiest, but I would not change any of it. I adore my little family and know this is just the way the Lord intended it to be. What a week to celebrate Boston being in our family. He is loved by so many! Thank you to all our family and friends that showed us so much love, excitement and support thru all of this. Especially, those that traveled so far to be with us. You all made it simply perfect. Now we are an eternal family and there’s nothing better than that!

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Boston had his first taste of rice cereal yesterday…and loved it! It was like feeding a little birdie. He kept his little mouth open whenever that spoon came to him and knew just what to do. He was sooooo happy!

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our little dancer

So, if any of you remember Abby’s last dance recital…you’ll know it didn’t go so well. She cried and wouldn’t go out on stage. Andrew and I felt so bad. She loves going to dance, but the recital was a different story. Well, what a difference 5 months makes…we couldn’t keep her off the stage this time! Abby did such a great job…we were so proud of her and her cousin Riley too! It was a fun night to top off our exciting day!

Abby has the cutest little class! Are those twins not the funnest!?!? Abby calls them “her boys!” I think all that preforming wore Abby out. She slept in until 10:30 this morning!!!

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happy day!

Boston turned 6 months on Saturday…I really cannot believe that! Time is going by so fast with him. With him turning 6 months we have a lot of exciting events coming up.

Today we were able to take him to court to finalize his adoption!

We have been looking forward to this day and it was simply delightful. Our court appearance was scheduled at 1:30, but they were running a bit behind. So, by the time we went into the courtroom it was Boston’s naptime and he was sound asleep. It all went really well and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. Boston is such a blessing to our family. He has brought us so much joy. He is such an easy going sweet baby. I feel so blessed that the Lord would give me this little miracle. I think Abby could sense the excitement around the house this morning. As we were leaving for the courthouse Abby asked me “Mom…is everything alright?” I said, “Yes, Abby mommy and daddy are just so excited to have Boston be ours forever.” She responded, “Me too mommy…I love him so much!” We are all so thankful for this little guy…and thrilled he’s finally ours! On Friday we will be taking Boston to the temple and Sunday we will bless him! Lots of excitement and smiles around here…we are so happy! Thank you to all of our family that were able to make it today…your support meant a lot to us.

It was a happy day 🙂

p.s. Added a few new pictures to flickr—————–>

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