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abby’s golf date

Andrew took Abby golfing this weekend and they had a great time! Abby has gone with us to the driving ranges and putting greens before and really has enjoyed it.  She also likes to watch golf on tv and gets super excited if Tiger is playing. So, Andrew thought it was time to let her try 9 holes. Abby loved it all — the sand, the grass, driving in the golf cart, having her dad and uncle Tyler all to herself, and carrying around her own tee, golf ball and putter. She was also very careful about putting her ball on the tee just right…so cute! It’s so fun to watch her explore different sports and activities and see what she really enjoys doing.

Who knows maybe she’ll be the next Annika Sorenstam 🙂

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have a GRAPE day!

My cute sis-in-law, Chelli emailed me a super fun summer treat to make with kids. So, Abby and I decided to give it a try. We made these yummy  Frozen Grape Pops and had a blast! All you need are grapes (washed and dried), 8 inch sucker sticks and then follow the simple steps above. Abby was so proud that she made these all by herself and was so excited to eat them. Totally simple, healthy, yummy and fun…enjoy:)

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Look how cute these are! Jenni B Originals makes these darling little faux cupcakes and much more. All her little desserts look so yummy and are low cal…because they aren’t real (great if you watching your waistline)! They are the best desserts you’ll never eat! I can’t get over how cute it would be to have these haning out in my kitchen! She’s been on Martha Stewart and Good Things Utah.

Love these and had to share…aren’t they just YUMMY 🙂

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We had a great time on our little trip down south. We spent most of our time at the pool with Abby and Boston…they loved it! It was fun to hang out with family and friends and relax. Some of the highlights were: eating Costco pineapple, golfing at the Ledges, shopping, watching all the guys show off on the diving board, Abby jumping off the diving board, eating breadsticks at the Pizza Factory, Hailey trying to throw pool bags up on the deck, finding lizards, pushing Uncle Tim Tim in the pool, Papa’s stories at bedtime, Saturday morning mt. biking, Sally the whale, Boston’s backfloat and Damon’s yummy chocolate buffet.


Sad the vaca is over…we could have used an extra 2 weeks down there! Thanks to everyone that made the trip down…we had a BLAST 🙂

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Be Back Soon!

We are headed to St. George for a little R&R! We are staying at the Green Valley Resort, which we love! It is a great place for families, lots of pools, nice kitchens, playgrounds, etc. I am so excited to feel the heat and just hang out by the pool. Andy is excited to golf and mt. bike. Abby is super excited to swim and play with her cousins. And Boston…well, he’ll just be glad to be outside and play with his feet!

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{i heart boston}

i cannot believe he’s 7 months old today…

i’m not sure where the last month has even gone!

here’s what our little guy is up to…

he loves blowing raspberries,

playing with Abby,

has 2 cute teeth,

is trying to sit on his own,

loves reading books,

kicks like crazy in the bath tub,

enjoys being outside,

playing with his feet,

takes 3 naps a day,

says “dadada”,

loves to bounce in his bouncer,

has ticklish little feet,

is easy going,

eats carrots & rice cereal,

loves when daddy sings to him,

sleeps 12 hours at night,

has the cutes brown eyes,

weighs in at 18 pounds,

and is still a mommy’s boy


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