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boston’s crawling…

this SWEET little guy is on the MOVE

army CRAWLING everywhere

i’m discovering quickly,

that BOYS are into everything + they are FAST

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summer fun

 cousins + popsicles = fun

wishing you all a happy weekend 🙂

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camp + midway

I had a great time at Girl’s Camp…I hiked, rafted, showered in a waterfall, ate yummy food, jumped off the high dive (yikes), was awake for 22 hours straight and had tons of fun! I didn’t take many pics, we were so busy I never remembered to take my camera out…sigh! I know the girls took a ton of pics – so I’ll have to get some pictures from them and share later. Camp was simply a blast and Moab was so beautiful, but there really is “no place like home.” It felt so good to come home to my family!

Friday night, at the last minute we decided to head up to Midway and stay at the Homestead. Andy had a golf tournament early Saturday morning, and since I had been gone at Girl’s Camp, we were in desperate need of some good family time. I’m so glad we went…Abby loved staying in “the little house”, eating pancakes for breakfast, running around outside, riding in the golf cart, chasing ducks and swimming. Boston loved swimming, bouncing on the bed and watching Abby run around. I had one of those moments, were I realized there is nothing better than spending time with your family!

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a camping i will go…

Off to good ol’ Girl’s Camp today. We are headed down to Moab to hike, swim and float the river…it should be fun! I’m not much of a camper, but seems as if I’m at Girl’s Camp every year with out fail! The only thing that makes me like it a bit more is finding “girly” camp stuff. This year Andy found me this cute PINK sleeping bag at Target…I love it! 

p.s. Thank you to all that are helping out with the kiddos (and my hubby) while I am gone.

I’ll be back soon 🙂

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{our weekend}

I absolutely love living in Utah in July! The whole month is one big celebration! There’s the 4th of July, the 24th of July and in-between celebrations like Festival Days. It is always so much fun with…parades, races, bbq’s, fireworks, friends, family and more!

I ran the Festival Days 10k and had a blast! I’ve been training for the Top of Utah Marathon and was supposed to be running the 1/2 marathon, but decided to take it easy and do the 10k. I injured myself several weeks ago (IT band problems) and have been having the fun experience of going to physical therapy twice a week to get better. I was super excited I was able to run what I did with minimal pain. It was so fun to see so many friends running, especially Cambria. I was so proud of my sister, Cecilie that ran her first 5k and my running buddy, Alice that ran the “hilly half” eventhough she wasn’t feeling good. Way to go everyone 🙂

After the race we had a yummy breakfast at the park and then went to the parade. Abby loves it because of all the candy they throw to the crowd! Abby made out with a bag full of sugar and stuffed dogged we named Harley. She was also so excited to see all the instruments. She talked about the parade the rest of the day and how next time she wants to be in the parade and wave to all the people.

Boston liked the parade too, other than the loud fire trucks. Bubba and I both got in a well needed naps during the parade.

We had a super fun weekend and hope you all did too!

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{eight months}

My sweet brown-eyed boy is 8 months today! I am more in love with this little guy everyday.  I love his smiles, his giggles, his rolls, his mellow personality, his growl, his wiggly little feet, his cheeks (both sets), his cute teeth, his ability to make everyone happy, his amazing swimming talent and so much more!

Boston is one special boy and I am so thankful for him!

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enjoying summer

Wow, I haven’t blogged forever! I guess we’ve just been a bit busy enjoying our summer. I’ll try and catch up on a few things we’ve been up to. I’ll make it quick and easy…not too much reading!



balloons, streamers, face painting, abby super happy,

2 wrecks, 5 bandaids, 1 popsicle, boston had a good nap



abby loved swimming every morning for 2 weeks,

mom loved relaxing and chating with friends,

abby’s teacher said she was the best kicker she’s ever had


BOSTON is busy, busy, busy:

rolling everywhere, pushing backwards, flipping over fast,

sitting up, spitting up, moving those little feet all the time,

holding his own bottle, always on the go


ABBA + BUBBA + SUMMA = happiness

 hope you had a happy fourth and are enjoying your summer too 🙂

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