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i’ve only met my neice in passing
but she is adorable, sweet + strong.
she’s been through a lot in her little life.
last night she was lifeflighted.
c+j were so sad to see her go.
she is a little miracle.
we {love} you sadie!

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Amanda turns 31 today!

The hardest working girl I know.

The best Mommy.

The hottest wife!

Strongest Determination.

Cutest Hair.

Sexiest Feet.

Can clean a house better than anyone.

Amazing cook.

Full of zestiness.

Did I say Cute hair already?

Amanda your the best, I have loved the past 10-1/2 years together.  You are the best mommy, and our kids love you crazy!  Have a killer Birthday!

Love “ME”

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busy boys…

mow-41We had a fun weekend and did a lot of work in our yard.

This little guy followed that big guy around everywhere!

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abby got her

ears pierced!

she was so

excited and

so brave.

we did this

on a whim.

i was worried…

maybe she was

too young,

but she is

in heaven

and so proud

of herself.

she didn’t

even cry…

just gave

mom a long,

tight hug

when it was

all over.


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our easter

I love Easter…

I love the time of year, the flowers, the colors, the time with family, the candy,

the dresses and the time to reflect on what Christ did for me…and for all of us.


Abby was thrilled about her PINK peeps and her Bolt movie…

and Boston was busy taking everything out of his basket

and then putting it all back in!


Check this out…Boston devoured this solid chocolate bunny in

about 2 minutes flat! He never took his fingers off that bunny,

barely came up for air and amazingly only had a trace of chocolate

on his mouth and hands. This was the most sugar Boston has had

in his whole life…I think he knew he had to seize the opportunity!

easter-3Hope you all had a Happy Easter weekend too 🙂

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celebrate good times…

Super excited about two things that happened yesterday…max3

(1) I met my brand new baby nephew…Max. He is to die for cute and so are his parents. So excited for them to be a little family!

(2) I’ve now sold over 200 items in my Etsy shop…seems totally crazy to me, but has been so much fun!

SIDENOTE: My cute friend, Melissa is doing a giveaway on her blog for a couple ShabbyStraps…so be sure to go check it out! She has an awesome blog…with great info and tips…she’s super talented in so many ways…you’ll love it 🙂

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i {heart} boston


uncle jason captured this cute picture

i love it…i love boston’s little face

it is so boston right now…i had to

scrapbook it asap…and now i’m in

the mood to scrapbook!

but have so many other things

i need to be doing…ahhhhh!!!

p.s. happy conference

weekend to you all:)

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