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abby grad

abby graduated from her first year of preschool this week.

crazy to me how fast she is growing up!

she was so excited to say her little part and sing at her graduation…

until we got there…then she decided it wasn’t for her.

about half way through she finally went up on the stage

happy & smiling and sang a couple songs.

that’s so my abby…I never know what to expect with her.

she adored her teacher natalie and her classmates.

we love her so much and are so proud of her and all she’s learned this year.

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mex 1We had such an amazing time in Cancun…

Nice people, wonderful food, beautiful beaches, no swine flu, nice weather,

pinacoladas (sp?), tons of relaxing,

Andy speaking lots of Spanish (me not understanding a thing),

lots of laying out, crazy bus rides and shopping…it was the best!!!mex 2

Oh…and they have ORANGE FANTA everywhere…my favorite!

Took this pic right after we walked 4.5 miles on the beach

(Andy made me do his signature “hang loose” sign).

mex 3The view from our balcony…the water was so pretty.

I was up at 5:30 every morning to sit on the
balcony and soak it all in (Andy thought I was crazy not to sleep in).

mex 4Here’s our room…we ended up staying at the Sun Palace which was incredible!

The first two hotels we were supposed to stay at
closed down for the month because business was so slow.
It was sad all the hotels that were closed down...thinking of
all the employees and families it was affecting.

mex 6

Love the blue water against the white umbrellas in this picture.

mex 5 copy

Beach view at dusk.

mex 7

Thanks babe for such a great…


10.5 year anniversary/

making up for camping in the snow on our honeymoon



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running this288_Marathon_1

and then headed here with my sweet hubby…

{pray we don't get the swine flu}


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my costco buddy…

costcoboston and I are at costco once a week.

he knows he gets a dum-dum sucker while I shop.

he now screams at the top of his lungs

“S U C K A”

until I get one out, unwrapped and in his mouth!

{reminder...next week have the sucker ready as we walk in the door}

p.s. notice his haircut…no more comb over


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IMG_6537our cute cousin sadie is finally home...
she is happy, healthy and doing well.
abby was soooo excited to
finally get so see and hold her.
boston was just fascinated with her binky.

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IMG_6513boston plays in her room

& tears everything apart!

{then we clean it all up before she gets home...
abby has no idea...it's our little secret}

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