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soccer collageabby LOVES soccer this year!

(last year she really didn't care for it and sat out most
of the time making sure all the girls got enough water)

she’s had fun, loves her coach and the girls on her team, she’s been intense and tough, she’s scored 2 goals, she wants to win and run fast, she loves cheering on her team, she likes going to DQ after, and has asked us to call her Bolt instead of Abby!

bubba fanBoston has been a big fan and support to his big sis this year too!

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boston’s new ride…

bikeBubba’s been riding around Abby’s old pink and purple trike. He hasn’t seemed to care. He would ride that girly trike around with his head held high and shun those that would point and giggle at him. Well, we made a visit to the bike store to pick up a couple new helmets. Abby had out grown hers and I needed a new one (my new one is aqua and sooo super cute by the way).  While we were browsing Andy and I both spotted this push bike! Neither of us could take our eyes off it…it’s really the cutest little bike you’ve ever seen! Boston instantely fell in love with it too. We couldn’t get him off it. So, Boston now has a bike…his first bike…and Andy is the happiest, proudest dad ever!

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