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we are headed to the pumpkin patch tonight…

this time of year always makes me reflect back on how we became a family and the miracle we are all together. the signs of fall remind me of when we:

got some exciting phone calls

had many sleepless nights

drove many miles

shed lots of tears

felt more joy than we felt our hearts could take

received so much love and support from so many

went to our first ultrasound

spent lots of time on our knees

met loved ones we knew – but had never met

truly felt the Lord’s hand in our lives

held our babies and became a family.

both my kiddo’s birthdays are fast approaching (i’m going to have a FIVE year old and a TWO year old soon). for some reason I’m feeling kind of sad about this. feeling like my kids are really kids now…not babies. i’m trying to enjoy every moment with them, but apart of me aches for them to stay small.

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