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happy new years!

on the top of our list for 2010 is to teach abby and I to snowboard.

so we went boarding today and abby took her 2nd boarding lesson.

abby came out giddy and grinning from ear to ear.

she got to ride the chair lift and can stop by herself now.

frank (her teacher) was at a loss of words of how to describe her. he finally said, “She is extremely aggressive and wanted to try everything!”

andy is now giddy and can’t stop grinning from ear to ear…he is so proud of his little shredder:)

oh and I was finally able to get off the chair lift without falling…success at last!

wishing you all a happy new year! xoxoxo

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{our christmas}

We had a wonderful Christmas…lights, presents, family, friends, yummy food, giggling, games, pajamas,  snuggling…and just being together.

But for us, the greatest gift of all was knowing a very special family had the best Christmas they have ever had together. It truly is the simple things that make us most happy.

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i {heart} snowboarding…

sorry skis…i will never go back to you…snowboarding is way more fun!

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I’ve been busy…

(1) Stopping at Starbucks for their amazing Mint Hot Chocolate. (2) Running to the mailbox to open family + friends Christmas cards. (3) Reading every Christmas book we have to Abby + Boston…several times a day! (4) Snuggling  up + watching Christmas movies…ELF is our favorite! (5) Eating yummy neighbor treats. (6) Bundling up + piling in the car to go look at Christmas lights. (7) Explaining where Santa lives 20 times a day to Abby. (8) Learning to snowboard in our backyard. (9) One word…FINALS. (10) Trying to keep Boston away from our Christmas tree, so it will stay in an upright, vertical position. (11) Searching for a Glow-In-The-Dark Slinky…that’s what Abby really wants from Santa! (12) Getting ready to put our house up for sale…we are moving…to Colorado!

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