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Boston followed me around all morning laughing + saying:

“I see you momma!”

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Happy Birthday Andy…we love you & your mad dance skills!

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we miss you daddy…

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it’s friday…

and these two are headed up to go boarding (without me…sigh)!

Let’s just say there has been some major excitement around the house!  They were both jumping around on their boards last night, in the living room, showing off “their tricks.” I love that these two share a passion for snowboarding together 🙂

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I’ve been thinking + reflecting a lot over the past week. Feeling so thankful for the little family I’ve been blessed with + realizing how precious the time is I have with them. Pondering life + the choices I make for myself + family.

Coming to realize many of the choices I am making today, not only will affect my life, but my family + those who are closest around me. Our decisions + choices are HUGE! I’m feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities I have as a wife + mother. Feeling like I need to focus on BECOMING who I really am + want to be.

So, my word for 2010 is BECOME.

I want to Become…

the best wife, support + friend to my husband,

a more caring, loving + patient mother,

more healthy, fit + accept my body,

more understanding of others + their struggles,

more of who the Lord wants me to be,

more humble, think of others + serve others,

in short, I want to BECOME the person I’ve always wanted to be.

(side note: Boston really is a happy, sweet boy...he's just going through that
"there's no way in h*** I'm going to smile for your picture" phase.)

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Got my Project Life kit on Saturday…woot woot!

My most favorite scrapbooker ever came up with a great way to scrapbook a years worth of pictures with no stress! It’s so cute, simple and practical. I’ve spent so many years feeling guilty that I am behind on my scrapbooks. This kit makes scrapbooking realistic. I think 2010 has some big changes coming for our little family and I’m so excited that I will be able to capture it all here. Did I mention how excited I am? Andy is really sick of me talking about this…but I know he will appreciate my efforts in due time…right!?!? If any of you scrapbook or just like to take pictures…I highly recommend this kit. It’s amazing 🙂

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