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happy valentines weekend

(Boston is sick + tired of me taking pics of him…so now he just closes his eyes as tight as he can when it’s picture time)

It actually snowed here yesterday!

Abby + Boston were so excited to go out + play in it.

Glad they did because it was all melted by the afternoon.

Hope you all have a good weekend full of lots of

L  O  V  E  !


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{for sale}

the house that we brought both our babies home to,

the house that we put so much work into with our own hands,

the house that we’ve made so many memories in,

the house that surrounded us with wonderful friends + neighbors,

the house that became our home…is for sale.


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(WARNING: potty training post)

Kind of been thinking about potty training this kid.

But not really…

There’s so much going on right now.

It really would be too much to add to the mix.

But we went to Target yesterday…

And somehow came home with a Diego potty seat + Cars undies.

This morning Boston wanted to sport his new duds.

And to my total surprise he wanted to go potty…

and he’s gone 6 times already this morning…and no accidents!

I’m in complete shock.

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(My kids are obsessed with taking pictures with the timer on the camera...they love
the bright flash going off over + over + over. I wonder if I should be worried!?!?!)

Sometimes life seems unfair or just too hard…for some reason I’ve been letting myself feel this way. My life is not that bad. Sure, I’ve been struggling + stressed with some things, but really that’s just a part of life…right? I think of all the families suffering in Haiti and my trials pale in comparison to what they are going through. I really do have so much to be thankful for. I’ve had a lot of time with just me + my kids lately (with Andy traveling so much). It’s made me realize that all I really need is what’s right in front of me. That my little family makes me happy + no matter what challenges lie ahead of me, I have them + I know they love me. And really, what more could I want?

Loving this quote, it's such a good reminder:
” Never forget that these little ones are the sons and daughters of God and that yours is a custodial relationship to them, that He was a parent before you were parents and that He has not relinquished His parental rights or interest in these little ones.

Now, love them, take care of them…welcome them into your homes and nurture and love them with all of your hearts.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley-
(this pics especially for you Cambria)
I just can’t get enough of my little man lately…he really melts my heart.
Not sure if it’s his good looks, his style, his killer personality, his big brown eyes, his sense of humor or the way he tells me NO when I ask him if he’ll always be my sweet baby boy.

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Boston slept in this morning until 9:17 (yes, every last minute counts with this crazy boy lately)!

He however, was not in a good mood. I thought I’d get some cute pictures of him with some bed head + little sleepy eyes. Ummm…no. He did not want his picture taken! He kept saying, “Stop mommy! Stop mommy!” and giving me the hand.

And then…he threw his favorite baby at me! Really, my sweet little Bubba threw something at me! I knew he was serious then.

So, I stopped.

Update: I’ve changed his diaper, put some food in his belly + he is back to my sweet little boy.

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