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Had the sweetest conversation with Abby in the car today:

Abby: Does Heavenly Father always listen to my prayers?

Me: Yes, He will always listen + hear your prayers.

Abby: No matter if it’s day time or night time?

Me: Yes, He is always there for you, not matter what.

Abby: That’s good to know. So, when I have bad dreams there’s a big volcano hole in my room while I’m sleeping…I can talk to Him + He will make me feel better.

Love her…she is full of all sorts of questions lately. Lots that have to do with babies + where they come from too!

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when he gets home i just want to squoosh him.

i just can’t get enough of him + neither can the kids.

he’s like a rock-star around our house.

{this is our POTD today}

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my new little neph…

So happy to have finally met this little guy!


{born 03.21.10 | 7 lbs. 3 oz. | 20 inches}

He is beyond cute…I am so thrilled for my little sis + bro. in law.

What a blessing he will be to their family.

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My cute little sis calls.
We start chatting about her new little man.
And how wonderful boys are.
I then hear Abby screaming from the bathtub.
I run in + find Boston in the tub with Abby along with all his clothes!
Don't let that cute face fool you...he is TROUBLE.

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{miss you daddy}

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{a perfect match}

these two have the silliest little relationship.

makes me laugh how perfect they are for each other.

and for me.

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uh hello…

Is this not the cutest little nursery ever!?!? I’m so in love with the chandelier!

I love all the bright fun colors…makes me want a wee one just a bit.

Thankfully, lots of friends + family have little bundles of joy arriving soon so I can get my fix! This pic is from one of my favorite photographers…you can find her work here.

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we’ve got it…

{ S P R I N G   F E V E R }

Things I love about spring…sunshine, tulips, angle food cake with fresh strawberries, trips to the park, green grass, long walks, sandals, easter, my birthday, babies, lemon bars, dresses and all the bright colors.

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so happy it’s friday.

so happy daddy is coming home today.

so happy to know that everything is going to be okay.

so happy to have been reminded that happiness is a choice.

so happy I found this little quote:

“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”

so happy my boston smiles like this.

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{picture for daddy}

abby wanted to call daddy during dinner tonight.

so she dialed his number all by herself.

they chatted for a time + abby told him how she thinks her legs are growing.

then abby blurted out…

“Okay Dad, okay Dad – I gotta go!

You are really starting to bother me!

I’m trying to eat! Bye.”

she quickly hung up the phone + finished her dinner.

it kinda made me laugh 🙂

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