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Had the sweetest conversation with Abby in the car today:

Abby: Does Heavenly Father always listen to my prayers?

Me: Yes, He will always listen + hear your prayers.

Abby: No matter if it’s day time or night time?

Me: Yes, He is always there for you, not matter what.

Abby: That’s good to know. So, when I have bad dreams there’s a big volcano hole in my room while I’m sleeping…I can talk to Him + He will make me feel better.

Love her…she is full of all sorts of questions lately. Lots that have to do with babies + where they come from too!


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when he gets home i just want to squoosh him.

i just can’t get enough of him + neither can the kids.

he’s like a rock-star around our house.

{this is our POTD today}

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my new little neph…

So happy to have finally met this little guy!


{born 03.21.10 | 7 lbs. 3 oz. | 20 inches}

He is beyond cute…I am so thrilled for my little sis + bro. in law.

What a blessing he will be to their family.

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My cute little sis calls.
We start chatting about her new little man.
And how wonderful boys are.
I then hear Abby screaming from the bathtub.
I run in + find Boston in the tub with Abby along with all his clothes!
Don't let that cute face fool you...he is TROUBLE.

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{miss you daddy}

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{a perfect match}

these two have the silliest little relationship.

makes me laugh how perfect they are for each other.

and for me.

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uh hello…

Is this not the cutest little nursery ever!?!? I’m so in love with the chandelier!

I love all the bright fun colors…makes me want a wee one just a bit.

Thankfully, lots of friends + family have little bundles of joy arriving soon so I can get my fix! This pic is from one of my favorite photographers…you can find her work here.

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