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and so does Boston, but he wouldn’t stop playing with his cars long enough to take a picture with us!

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{too funny…can’t stop laughing}

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the MOVE…

(1.) our last family pic on our front steps…sigh!  (2.) our packed up stuff…it took forever to load everything up. i’m still not sure where everything came from. in-fact the movers underestimated the amount of stuff we had…it all didn’t fit…ughhh!  (3.) boston chillin’ with his donut watching the movers pack the truck (4.) boston LOVED the big truck  (5.) our last silly pic as per abby’s request. abby woke up that morning super earlier, came into our room and asked “can we get going to denver already?!?!” this move has been a long time coming for her.  (6.) we got to our hotel at 12:30 that night. the kids did great on the long drive! other than boston only slept for the first hour then was awake the rest of the time! he kept saying “mom, mommy, momma” over + over (he seriously said it like 1000 times…thought i might loose it). the kids were really excited to look out the window in the morning and see their new town.

thanks to all our friends + family that helped with everything…packing, cleaning, loading, driving, babysitting, cards, hugs, parties, gifts, treats + stuff for to keep the kiddos entertained on the road. we couldn’t have done this without all your help + support. we love + miss you already!

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made it to TJ Maxx + Super Target all on my own today.

both places were empty + stocked with inventory.

it was a beautiful sight.

gave each kiddo a sucker + I was in heaven (for about 10 minutes).

next destination…Costco…wish me luck.

(note: target had  lots of cute cardigans in tons of colors. if you’re in utah hurry…i’m sure they’ll go fast (this means you Anna). oh…and please pardon the dirty mirror…we just moved…give me a break!)

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