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{sunday morning}

we took a bunch of self-timer pics sunday morning before church.

boston looked the exact same in all of them…he didn’t move or even blink!

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it’s monday + i have tons to do today…

laundry, dishes, vacuum, make my bathrooms sparkle, sweep + mop floors, etc.

but i can’t stop gooooing over these flower clutches…seriously too cute!

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i’m sitting here at my computer…pondering.

a lot is swirling through my mind.

been thinking about trials, examples, goals, friendships, true happiness + of course fathers.

my house is uncommonly quiet.

boston is napping in his crib + the two pictured above are snuggled up taking an afternoon nap in the warm sun.

i caught this glimpse of them + my heart went to mush.

there’s not a gift in the world that andy would love more than what is pictured above for father’s day.

andy loves being a father + you can see the joy it brings him.

he does not take it for granted + knows it is a special blessing he was given.

i can’t help but sit here + feel so thankful he is the father of my children.

how lucky are my kids to have a dad that cares so deeply + selflessly for them.

a dad that thinks the world of them, wants the best for them + would do anything for them.

it amazes me how much he cares for us + rarely thinks of himself.

it fact, for father’s day he got me something! who does that? he said he knew it was something i’d been wanting + it would make him happy to give it to me.

i’m touched by his gently leadership, love + kindness in our home.

to me, he is a perfect example of fatherhood.

i adore him + love that he adores our kiddos.

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happy friday…

we’re off to the pool,

sportin’ our shades and…

excited for the weekend to be here!

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| abby went with andy a few weeks ago to utah for a business trip | she was beyond thrilled to be able to spend so much time with dad + go on a plane | andy said she smiled + giggled the whole time | she had such a great time with her grandma + papa, aunts + cousins | she also loved riding on the buses + trams at the airport | when she got home she told me she wants to be a “girl pilot” when she’s bigger |

{andy took this clip of abby during take off…abby is one silly little girl}

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boston has been extra clumsy today.

running into this + that, falling down, etc.

every time he got hurt he came running to me.

makes me happy that he still snuggles with me.

he sat in my lap + drove this car up + down my arm for 10 minutes.

it was the best 10 minutes of my day!

i hope he never stops running to me…i love my little B.

(abby snapped this picture of us)

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I asked B to go pick out a book to read before bed…

I walk into his room + find him like this!

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our agenda today…

nothin’ but…B  U  B  B  L  E  S  !

i asked B first thing this morning what he wanted to do + he shouted bubbles...
so a quick trip to target for a cars bubble machine...
and boston was one happy boy for about two hours...
until i tore him away from his beloved bubbles to take a nap.
upon which he threw the BIGGEST 2.5 year old tantrum EVER!

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spending some nice QT with this little man for next few days,

while andrew + abby are in utah.

so nice to focus all my attention on him + really listen to him.

he’s already told me his favorite color is “Geen…GO…aster!

i’m excited to hear what else he has to tell me.

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