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we finally got some…

S* N * O * W

the kids are crazy excited about it, and who are we kidding, so is andy!

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{from our family to yours}

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Boston: “Hi…I Bubba!”

Santa: “Hi Bubba…What do you want for Christmas?”

Boston: “Uhh, umm…Bubba wants a Choo Choo Train!”

(yes, he always talks in the 3rd person)

Santa: “Have you been a good boy?”

Boston: “Uhh, umm…NO!

Santa: [laughing, chuckling]

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abby falls asleep in the car.

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love how crazy excited abby has been about this advent calendar.

love my sis for sharing this great idea with me.

love how simple  + cute it is.

love that it’s made with a shoe organizer from target ($7.99).

love how big the pockets are…great if you have more than one kiddo.

love that it’s new family tradition we will carry on for Christmases to come.

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(pic from our christmas card photo shoot...love how abby is trying to get B to smile)

Yes, it has been a few months since I have posted! I gotten a lot of hate mail and people wondering what is up. I wish I had some great excuse…but the truth is I don’t! I just somehow got behind and haven’t been able to figure out where to start back up. I’ve missed posting about so much…birthdays, abby’s rock climbing classes, family hikes, trips, deep thoughts, grandparents coming to visit, abby kickin’ butt at soccer,  holidays, our 12th anniversary, silly moments, etc. For those of you that know me, know I am a perfectionist and have a struggle with every little detail being just right. I’m the type if it can’t be done perfectly, I don’t do it at all…and that’s how I felt about this blog of mine. WELL…today is a new day! I day I have decided to start posting again…even if it’s not perfect. I’m going to start new and not look back or feel bad about what I missed. Here’s to a fresh start and being okay if things in my life are not quite perfect 🙂

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