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crazy for chore charts…

My kids are crazy excited about their new chore charts.
They love checking the boxes when they've completed a task.
And even help each other...and happily. Shocking.
Makes me one happy momma!
I changed mine up a bit in PS, but you can download FREE charts here.

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seriously obsessed!

I cannot stop looking at Pinterest!
A cute friend emailed me about it and now I have a problem.
I have others things I need to do...but can't look away.
Go ahead check it out, but remember I warned you...it's addicting!


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the BAD cars…

Boston has been into his bad cars lately.
He has them fight + race + crash.
He told me today that his bad cars don't follow Jesus.


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{cookies + milk}

our new favorite way to enjoy this perfect combo!
and this is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever too :)

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my little abby is now a first grader!

she was a little nervous before we left for school,

but was fine once we got there + she saw some familiar faces.

so excited for her + all the adventures she will have this year.

boston + i kind of don’t know what to do with ourselves with sis gone all day.

this may be a long day for me!

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Boston is a champ at getting those rings and…

Abby is totally rockin’ the freestyle stroke!

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run/ride our bikes to andy’s office (4 miles round trip)

abby rode her bike +  I ran pushing boston

it was awesome to see the sense of accomplishment abby had

and too see andy’s face when he realized we didn’t drive!

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Bruce Wayne that is!

yes, this is our new family pet | yes, he joined our family on a complete whim | yes, we got him for free | yes, our friends totally suckered us into this | yes, our supposed “friends” told us we would be horrible parents for denying our kids a family pet |yes, he lives in a cage | yes, my kids are happy as ever | yes, abby carries him around like a baby | yes, boston has kicked + squeezed him a few times | NO, I have still not touched him | AND yes, I should be up for mother of the year for letting this all happen!

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